What’s inside the Apple Vision Pro box?

Apple has included a variety of things in the Vision Pro package to assist users in swiftly setting up and using their spatial computer.

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Vision Pro will be available in Apple’s physical and online shops in the United States starting February 2. Ahead of the debut, the iPhone manufacturer revealed some information about the Vision Pro’s packaging.

According to the Apple Newsroom release, the Vision Pro package contains nine products to assist users get the most out of their $3500 spatial computer.

Nine things Apple ships within the Vision Pro box.

Aside from the headset, the Vision Pro package includes a Light Seal with two Light Seal Cushions, an external battery, a charging cable, a power converter, a front-glass cover, and Apple’s $19 cleaning cloth.

1. The Vision Pro spatial computer

What's inside the Apple Vision Pro box? 1

The $3500 Vision Pro headset comes with 256 gigabytes of inbuilt storage for applications and media. Apple uses storage capacity as an efficient strategy to upsell customers to more costly versions. We wouldn’t be shocked if it offered more storage capacity, raising the price even higher.

2. Two types of headbands: solo knit and dual loop

The Vision Pro package has two different headbands. The Solo Knit Band, which appears prominently in Vision Pro advertisements, wraps around the back of your head. It has a 3D-knitted rib construction for cushioning, breathability, and elasticity.

What's inside the Apple Vision Pro box? 2

The other one, the Dual Loop Band, is made up of two adjustable upper and lower straps. You will select between them based on your notion of comfort. Both are produced from approximately 70% recycled yarn. A simple latching mechanism makes shifting them as simple as switching Apple Watch bands.

Both of these bands are available in a variety of sizes. To establish the proper size and ensure a personalized fit, Apple asks you to scan your head with an iPhone’s TrueDepth camera using a new feature in the Apple Store app.

3. Light seal prevents stray light from the outside

Effective filtering of external light is essential for developing immersive AR/VR experiences. If stray light from outside sources reaches the headset, it may interfere with the sensors and displays. To avoid this, the Vision Pro box has a Light Seal consisting of a soft, 3D-knitted material.

What's inside the Apple Vision Pro box? 3

It bends to adjust to the natural features of your face, resulting in a more comfortable fit. Snug fit blocks stray light from all directions—the Light Seal enhances picture quality, prevents overheating, increases thermal efficiency, and decreases eye strain.

What's inside the Apple Vision Pro box? 4

Apple offers the Light Seal in “a variety of shapes and sizes.” When buying your headset online, you’ll use the Apple Store app to scan your face so that Apple can select appropriate sizes for the Light Seal and headbands, ensuring an exact fit.

4. Light Seal Cushions for increased comfort

What's inside the Apple Vision Pro box? 5

The Vision Pro package also includes a pair of Light Seal Cushions, which connect to the Light Seal to prevent light leaking and increase comfort. They come in N, W, N+, and W+ sizes, but only two are supplied in the box: the thicker version, which moves the headset closer to your eyes, and its thinner counterpart, which does the reverse.

5. External battery pack

What's inside the Apple Vision Pro box? 6

To keep the weight down, Vision Pro employs an external battery pack that fits in your pocket. It has two hours of general usage or 2.5 hours of video playback when streaming normal movies and TV shows using Apple’s TV app.

6. USB-C charge cable

What's inside the Apple Vision Pro box? 7

You’ll need a cable to connect the headset or its external battery pack to a power adapter. But don’t worry; Apple has thrown a long USB-C charge cable into the Vision Pro box. It’s got USB-C on one end that plugs into a power source. On the opposite end is Apple’s custom plug that connects magnetically to the headset.

7. USB-C power adapter

Your iPhone ships without a charger, but the Vision Pro packaging includes a USB-C power adapter for recharging the external battery pack. Apple hasn’t said if the Vision Pro power adapter can be used to charge the headset directly when the external battery is empty.

8. Front glass cover

What's inside the Apple Vision Pro box? 8

The front of Vision Pro is a single piece of curved laminated glass, “polished to create an optical surface that acts as a lens” for the cameras and sensors.

Closeup of the front of Apple’s Vision Pro headset on a wooden table

To ensure the glass retains its optical qualities and doesn’t get damaged, Apple has included a convenient cover. It protects Vision Pro’s front glass from scratches and dings that may confuse the external cameras and sensors.

9. Polishing cloth

What's inside the Apple Vision Pro box? 9

You’ll want to use a very sophisticated piece of cloth for cleaning the front glass on Apple’s sophisticated spatial computer. And what better cleaning cloth than the company’s own polishing cloth made with soft, nonabrasive material?

Apple Polishing Cloth set against a light blue gradient background

If it’s good enough for cleaning the sensitive nano-texture glass on Apple displays, it should keep the front glass of your Vision Pro in pristine condition.

Optical inserts are not included with Vision Pro

Vision Pro was not designed for glasses wearers. That’s why Apple has partnered with German optical expert Zeiss on optical inserts that attach magnetically, available as an optional purchase.

What's inside the Apple Vision Pro box? 10Zeiss optical insert for Apple Vision ProIf you suffer from vision problems, you will need these to see images clearly on your Vision Pro. Reading lenses are priced at $99, and prescription lenses at $149.

“When you order, we’ll ask a few quick questions to find out if you need optical inserts,” notes one of Apple’s Visio Pro ordering tips. “If you do, you’ll upload a valid, unexpired prescription from a US eye‑care professional after checkout.”

In other words, corrective lenses won’t be available for purchase in Apple’s physical stores. Additionally, not all prescriptions will be supported.

Apple betting on spatial computing

The iPhone maker says Vision Pro ushers in a new spatial computing era. At $3500, only die-hard Apple fans can afford this product.

Over time, however, the price will come down as Apple is rumored to segment the market for premium headsets with new models coming in 2025, including a more affordable headset made with cheaper components, priced between $1500 and $2500.

Vision Pro pre-orders start on January 19 at 5am PT. The headset launches on February 2 at 8am. Apple will take signups for in-store demonstrations, with demo times available Friday through the weekend on a first‑come, first‑served basis.


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