Kim’s statement alarmed the world: A war could break out at any moment

Korean Peninsula. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's message at the year-end meeting where he announced his goals for 2024 alarmed the world.

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North Korean Leader Kim, Queen of England 2. Celebrates 70th anniversary of Elizabeth's accession to the throne

North Korea, led by Kim Jong-un, is considered one of the most closed and mysterious countries in the world.

Millions of people in the country, where internet access is restricted, live in a reality almost to the beginning.

The country, where contact with the world is strictly punished, is also home to an extremely large army.

The latest statement by the leader of North Korea, which has significantly increased its military spending recently, has alarmed the world.

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North Korea has announced that its first spy satellite, which caused a huge reaction from the US and South Korea, will be followed up.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un announced his country’s goals for 2024 at a year-end meeting, saying that 3 more spy satellites will be launched into orbit next year as part of efforts to strengthen the military.

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Stating that there will be a radical change in relations with South Korea, Kim emphasized that his country has no choice but to continue its nuclear ambitions. Noting that unification with South Korea is no longer possible, Kim stated that Seoul treats his country like an enemy.


“Because of the enemies’ reckless moves to invade us, a war could break out on the Korean peninsula at any time,” Kim Jong-un said, also slamming the United States in his speech.

“If we look closely at the confrontational military actions of the hostile powers, the word ‘war’ has become a realistic concept, not an abstract concept,” the North Korean leader said, adding that South Korea has become a military base and nuclear arsenal of the United States.

Kim said that in 2024 there will be further development in the nuclear and missile industries and in the production of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

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Emphasizing the need to respond quickly to a possible nuclear crisis, Kim said, “We must continue to accelerate preparations to neutralize the entire territory of South Korea by mobilizing all physical means and forces, including nuclear power, in an emergency.”

North Korea had carried out the third test on November 21 after 2 failed satellite launch attempts in November. Pyongyang, which launched the spy satellite named Malligyong-1 with the new type Chollima-1 rocket, announced that the satellite was successfully placed into orbit. North Korea, which sent the satellite into orbit, announced that various regions in the country, including the cities of Mokpho, Kunsan, Phyongtaek, Osan and Seoul in South Korea, were photographed.


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