Arda Güler decision from Real Madrid! After a third consecutive injury…

Real Madrid has taken a new decision for Arda Güler, who was recruited with great hopes and suffered 3 injuries in a row.

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Arda Güler decision from Real Madrid! After a third consecutive injury...

A new decision has been taken for Arda Güler, who left Fenerbahce for Real Madrid at the beginning of the season.


Arda Güler, who went to the US camp with the team after his transfer to Real Madrid, underwent surgery in Spain after a knee injury and did not have the opportunity to work with the team during the pre-season camp.

Arda Güler, who continued to work with the team for a short time before the La Liga match against Las Palmas, stayed away from the pitch for about 4 more weeks after suffering a left back injury. Arda Güler, who overcame his injury problems and participated in training with the team for a long time, was included in the squad for the matches against Rayo Vallecano and Braga, but was not put on the field by Ancelotti. The national star, who was preparing to play, was once again injured and was very disappointed.

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Arda Güler decision from Real Madrid! After a third consecutive injury...


Arda Güler complained, “Whenever I play, the same thing happens…” Arda Güler, after being injured 3 times, said, “This is bad luck! I’m devastated! Every time I play… It’s always the same thing.” It was also stated that he burst into tears.


According to the latest news in Defensa Central; Real Madrid will not give any date for Arda Güler’s return.

In the news; it was noted that Arda will only focus on the field and will be patient.


It was also emphasized that officials had a meeting with Arda Güler and it was conveyed that there would be no pressure on the young star to return.


It is stated that Fede Valverde had the same problems during his time in Castilla, but he overcame them and made a great contribution to the team, while Arda Güler is also believed to contribute to the club.

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