New detail in the OpenAI crisis! Has artificial intelligence outsmarted humans?

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Is the q* project behind the OpenAI crisis? According to this, Sam Altman and the board of directors fought over artificial intelligence superior to human intelligence.

OpenAI, which developed the ChatGPT artificial intelligence chatbot, witnessed a major management crisis a few days ago. In this crisis, after CEO Sam Altman was dismissed by the decision of the Board of Directors, the company was in turmoil. Sam Altman returned to his post despite this crisis. However, super artificial intelligence, that is, the general artificial intelligence system, may be behind this crisis. Altman developed a superior artificial intelligence with the Q* project. It is claimed that this artificial intelligence poses a threat to humanity.

Did OpenAI develop artificial intelligence superior to human intelligence with the Q* project?

Allegedly, the OpenAI crisis was caused by a different controversy than we know. According to this, general artificial intelligence technology, also called super artificial intelligence, played a leading role in the crisis between the board of directors and Sam Altman. Sam Altman and his team have been developing this artificial intelligence project, codenamed Q*, for some time. Accordingly, some researchers involved in the Q* project sent a letter to the board of directors.

Although the exact content of the letter is not known, its general outlines have emerged. Accordingly, the researchers emphasize the danger of artificial intelligence becoming superior to human intelligence. It was also revealed that the researchers think that this level of artificial intelligence is a threat to human safety. However, it is reported that the researchers did not explain why they were concerned about security in the letter. It is not known at what stage the project, which has taken important steps for artificial intelligence in general, is at.

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For OpenAI, artificial general intelligence, AGI, is defined as autonomous systems that outshine humans. Let us remind here that it is not yet known what the Q* project covers. However, it is true that this letter is one of the reasons for the storm that suddenly broke out within OpenAI.

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An artificial general intelligence system is a complex artificial intelligence system at a similar or superior level to humans. Accordingly, these artificial intelligence systems have the ability to acquire new knowledge based on the information presented to them. Ilya Sutskever, who played one of the leading roles in the OpenAI crisis, believes that AI general systems will emerge within a decade.

Can artificial intelligence superior to human intelligence really become a threat to humanity? We look forward to your comments.


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