Zuckerberg doesn’t like his rival’s glasses

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Technology giant Apple introduced its new product “Vision Pro” to the world at the developers conference WWDC at the beginning of the week. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook’s roof company Meta, which has been developing products in this field for years, criticized his competitor’s product.

Zuckerberg, who expressed his views on Apple Vison Pro at a meeting with his employees, claimed that nothing new was put on Meta’s product “Quest 3”. Stating that mixed reality glasses “are important after all and could create a new vision for the future of computing,” the Meta CEO nevertheless noted that it was “not what he wanted.”

“There’s a real philosophical difference (between Apple and me) in how we’re handling this technology,” Zuckerberg said. While Zuckerberg said that his products prioritize the “meta world” and aim to socialize, he said of Apple’s glasses, “In every ad they have a person sitting alone in an armchair.”


-Vision Pro, with a price tag of $3499, will be available next year.

-Meta’s VR headset Quest 3 will hit shelves this year for around $500.

-Zuckerberg claims Quest 3 is the “best wireless way” to experience mixed and virtual reality.


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