Biden: Companies will be held responsible for the accident that caused environmental disaster

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US President Biden called on Congress to take action to ensure that railway companies take safety measures following the train accident that caused an environmental disaster in Ohio.

In a post on his Twitter account, Biden gave information about the steps taken after the accident in Ohio, where a train carrying toxic chemicals derailed on 3 February, causing an environmental disaster.

Stating that he met with the authorities following the accident today, Biden stated that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) instructed the Norfolk Souhtern train company to pay for the cleanup and disposal of hazardous substances.

“This is common sense. This is their mess. They should clean it up,” Biden said, adding that his team was in contact with state and local officials. Biden noted that more than 500 houses in the region were checked for water and air pollution, and the necessary personnel were deployed to control chemical substances.

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As the Ministry of Transport stated, Biden said that train companies are resisting the regulations on safety, and stated that Congress should take action on this issue. Biden said, “Railway companies spent millions of dollars to oppose common sense safety regulations, and it worked. This is more than a train derailment or spillage of toxic substances. ” he said.

Noting that train companies have been opposed to safety measures for years, Biden said, “We will continue to hold railway companies responsible for not putting safety first.” President Biden noted that they will look after the needs of the residents of the region affected by the accident and the environmental disaster that occurred afterwards.

Accident in Ohio where train carrying toxic chemicals derailed

On 3 February, 50 cars of a 150-car train carrying chemicals derailed and exploded on a railway near the town of East Palestine in Ohio, USA. As a result of the explosion, the chemical substance spread into the environment, causing an environmental disaster. After the explosions, the residents of the region were evacuated due to the high amount of toxic chemicals in the environment.

Following the incident, residents of the region complained of headaches, burning eyes, coughing and weakness, and animal deaths were reported in the media. Norfolk Southern, the train company involved in the accident, announced in a statement that they cleaned the area in an environmentally sensitive manner and provided financial assistance to the local people for the losses caused by the accident.



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