Thermometers in Yakutia at 50 degrees below zero

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The coldest city in the world has succumbed to freezing temperatures. In Yakutia in the Siberian region, thermometers showed 50 degrees below zero. People accustomed to freezing temperatures are not complaining. According to them, the only solution is to dress warmly.

The average temperature in the Russian Autonomous Republic of Yakutia is 40 degrees below zero in winter and 19 degrees in summer.

Nowadays, the temperature has dropped to 50 degrees below zero. But despite the freezing cold, life does not stop.

Products are sold like molds

In the city where agriculture is impossible due to the cold climate, vegetables and fruits are bought from outside.

In the open-air markets, all products are sold like mold on frozen stalls. According to market vendors, the cold is not a problem.

The lowest temperature is 64 degrees below zero

In Yakutia, schools and public institutions are not closed unless the temperature drops to 52 degrees below zero.

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The lowest temperature ever recorded in the region is 64 degrees below zero.

The highest temperature seen in summer was recorded as 36 degrees.

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