The scandal continues: 5 more ‘classified documents’ found in Biden’s house

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The White House announced that 5 more documents labeled “classified” were recovered from US President Joe Biden’s home in Delaware.

US President Biden’s secret document scandal continues.

Richard Sauber, one of Biden’s advisors, issued a statement summarizing the process regarding the documents that have emerged at the President’s Biden Diplomacy Center and his residence in Delaware since Wednesday.

Stating that he followed a coordinated process with the National Archives and the Department of Justice to examine the documents labeled “confidential” seized in both places, Sauber noted that he went to the President’s residence on Thursday to pick up a confidential document seized at Biden’s residence in Wilmington, and with the Justice Department officials accompanying him, they found 5 more documents labeled “confidential” among the documents there.

Sauber shared that the documents were handed over to Justice Department officials there.

Biden’s advisor said in a statement that the White House will cooperate with the special prosecutor appointed by the Attorney General.

“Secret documents” from the US President’s office

Richard Sauber, one of Biden’s advisors, said on January 9 that “a small number of documents containing classified information” were found in Biden’s personal office at the Penn Biden Center on November 2, 2022, during his term as vice president.

Stating that the documents were found in a “locked cabinet”, Sauber explained that as soon as the documents were found, Biden’s personal lawyers contacted the White House and state institutions related to national archives.


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