US finds tons of explosives on ship stopped in Gulf of Oman

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US finds tons of explosives on ship stopped in Gulf of Oman

The US intercepted 50 tons of explosives and many illegal weapons on a fishing boat stopped in the Gulf of Oman.

In a written statement made by the US Navy, it was stated that a fishing boat was stopped in the Gulf of Oman on December 1. Pointing out that the boat was stopped on the Iran-Yemen line, the statement said that 50 tons of ammunition shells, missiles and rocket equipment were found on the boat.

US Navy Central Command Commander Brad Cooper said in a statement that this is the second boat intercepted in a month, “This is an important indicator that Iran is smuggling lethal weapons and destabilizing the region.”

Pointing out that the direct or indirect sale, provision or transfer of arms to the Houthis in Yemen is a violation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2216 and international law, the statement pointed out that the US 5th Fleet intercepted another boat carrying explosives to Yemen on November 8.

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