Labour MP claims that MPs ‘touched up’ and intimidated clerks in the Commons

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Labour MP Chris Bryant claims that MPs hectored, bullied, and “touched up” clerks in the House of Commons division lobbies.

The senior Labour figure echoed claims that Conservative MPs were physically manhandled in the voting lobbies during the chaotic fracking vote before Liz Truss stepped down as prime minister.

Condemning the behavior in the voting lobbies and calling for cameras to be installed inside, Bryant also said MPs inappropriately touched clerks.

“It’s striking the number of clerks who have told me they are glad they don’t have to sit in the voting lobbies for the count because we do it with our passes now,” Bryant told The House magazine.

“Because MPs’ bullying, bullying and sometimes even groping of clerks in the voting lobbies has crossed the line,” Bryant added.

Bryant also revealed that earlier in her 21-year parliamentary career, she was inappropriately touched by older male MPs in voting lobbies.

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The chairman of the House of Commons Standards Committee told the magazine that one of those MPs was “still around” but would not report his past behavior. “I don’t want to add anything to all this,” Bryant said.

The Labor MP added:

The Labour MP added: “In my 21 years as an MP, the worst behaviour by MPs that I have seen has either been in the bar, all of which is quite well documented, or is in the division lobbies.”

Mr Bryant previously said he saw Tory whips manhandling MPs to vote with the government during last month’s fracking vote which helped end Ms Truss’s short-lived premiership – saying it amounted to bullying.

A short inquiry ordered by Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle found no evidence of bullying or any physical pressure to vote a certain way.




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