The United States is running low on armaments to send to Ukraine, according to CNN.

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The United States is running low on armaments to send to Ukraine, according to CNN.

The US administration is increasingly concerned about its ability to continue supplying Ukraine with cutting-edge systems and ammunition in the midst of its confrontation with Russia, CNN reported on Thursday.

According to three US officials quoted by the source, some of the obstacles the US has in aiding Ukraine include “dwindling” stockpiles of armaments and the military industry’s capacity to meet demand. According to one official, Washington has a “limited amount” of excess stock that it can send to Kiev.

Washington can send a delegation to Kiev.

According to the source, Washington is particularly concerned about accessible stocks of 155mm artillery ammunition and Stinger air defense missiles. Some authorities are also concerned about the manufacturing of weapons such as anti-radiation missiles HARMs, surface-to-surface missiles GMLRS, and anti-tank systems Javelin.

According to CNN’s sources, the reduction in stocks does not jeopardize national security because the weapons for Ukraine are not drawn from supplies held by the Pentagon for its own contingencies. According to a senior official, the conclusion that the US is “running low” on armaments is subjective, since it relies on how much danger the Pentagon is willing to bear.

One of the major concerns is that the US defense industry is struggling to keep up with demand, while European countries cannot fully backfill their own stockpiles to replace the military hardware sent to Ukraine, officials say. However, to remedy the situation, the US is trying to ramp up production of certain types of arms.

Since the start of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine in late February, the US and its Western allies have been providing Kiev with billions of dollars in security assistance, with Moscow repeatedly warning that weapons shipments will only prolong the conflict.

According to the US Department of Defense, as of early November, Washington has committed to sending Kiev over 1,400 Stingers, 8,500 Javelins, 142 155mm Howitzers, and up to 903,000 155mm artillery rounds.



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