Apple Executive Confirms USB-C Ports for iPhones

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Following the new EU common charger law regulation requiring USB-C connectors on all phones starting in 2024, Apple has indicated that future iPhones with USB-C ports are on the way. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal yesterday, Greg Joswiak, Apple’s Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing, made the announcement.

The Apple executive stressed that if Apple was forced to comply with the new EU regulations, the change would be “disruptive” for the more than 1 billion users of Apple products with Lightning ports. Joswiak asserted that the changeover will produce a significant amount of electronic garbage.

It goes without saying that we will have to abide by local regulations, as we do everywhere else. But we believe that a less prescriptive approach would have been better for the environment and for our customers,” the executive stated.

Joswiak further emphasized that Apple’s exclusive Lightning port was introduced prior to the existence of USB-C and was more practical than the micro-USB port that all phones utilized at the time. The executive further contended that having chargers with detachable cords essentially rendered this a non-issue for the majority of users.

Apple is anticipated to switch the iPhone to USB-C connectors with the iPhone 15 next year, as per earlier rumors. Since all Mac and iPad models, including the brand-new 10th-generation entry-level iPad, use USB-C connectors, this has been a long time coming.



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