China praises idea from Tesla boss, After Ukraine, Musk also bumps Taiwan in the head

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Elon Musk threatens to fire Tesla employees

With his proposal to end the war in Ukraine, Elon Musk supports Russia’s demands. Now the Tesla boss is also making a proposal to settle the Taiwan conflict. This time, the billionaire is receiving applause from Beijing.

After his controversial proposals to end the Ukraine war, U.S. billionaire Elon Musk has caused another stir with new ideas for resolving the Taiwan conflict. The government in Taipei called his proposal “unacceptable” to make Taiwan a “special administrative zone” under Chinese rule. A spokesman for the Council for Mainland China Relations (MAC) in Taipei commented on Musk’s interview in the Financial Times, saying that only the business interests of the head of the electric car manufacturer Tesla, who is heavily involved in China, were behind this and that he was ignoring the collective will of the people in Taiwan.

China regards the democratic island republic as part of the People’s Republic and threatens to conquer it. By contrast, the 23 million Taiwanese have long seen themselves as independent. The U.S. is committed to Taiwan’s defense capabilities. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had raised concerns that China might soon take similar action against Taiwan.

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In the interview, Musk had called a conflict over Taiwan inevitable and showed his concern that the global economy would suffer a severe blow. The government in Beijing welcomed the proposal, which is in line with its “one country, two systems” approach to resolving the issue. A spokesman held out the prospect of “a high degree of autonomy” for Taiwan as a “special administrative zone.”

Last week, Musk had already caused irritation when he proposed a neutral status for Ukraine, the country’s renunciation of the Crimean peninsula annexed by Russia and referendums under UN supervision on the state affiliation of the other Russian-occupied territories.



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