Putin and the defeats of his army Dictator under pressure

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Putin apologizes to Israeli PM for Lavrov's statements on Jews

The Kremlin’s armed forces are experiencing a military debacle in northeastern Ukraine – and now President Putin is being unusually harshly criticized: Russia’s nationalists in particular are expressing anger.

Ramzan Kadyrov is normally considered a close confidant of Russian President Vladimir Putin and a man for the rough stuff. But now the president of the Chechen Republic has been unusually critical of Putin’s army. The troops made mistakes in northeastern Ukraine, Kadyrov said in a voice message. That is, in the region where Russian forces had to retreat, sometimes in great haste, from advancing Ukrainians and lost nearly 3,000 square kilometers of territory .

For example, a unit of about 10,000 Russian soldiers had to retreat behind the Oskil River. According to the assessment of U.S. military experts from the Institute for Study of War, the Ukrainian terrain gains within less than a week exceed those of the Russians since April.

Source of the news:  https://www.spiegel.de

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