Oldest Man-Made Structure in the Americas is 11,000 Years Old

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Two six-meter-high mounds on the campus of Louisiana State University are the oldest man-made structures ever discovered in North America.

You don’t need to hike through the wilderness or paddle down a raging river to find the oldest known man-made structures in America – all you need to do is visit Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

At the northern end of the Louisiana State University campus are two mounds that rise on a gentle slope to a height of about 6 meters. The mounds are just two of more than 800 similar man-made mounds built by Native Americans in Louisiana. Although researchers knew they were old, a new study has determined just how old these structures are.

Researchers have now discovered that the oldest mound is 11,000 years old, making it the oldest man-made structure discovered in North or South America.

“Other than mounds, there is nothing known to be man-made in the Americas today that is this old,” says Brooks Ellwood, first author of the study.

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