Why Are There So Many Programming Languages?

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If you’re new to software development, the hardest part of learning to program is deciding where to start. But this is where you can get a little confused. When it comes to programming languages, there are so many to choose from.

The primary function of a computer program is to solve a problem with a given set of instructions (or code). However, the question may come to mind at this point, why do we need so many different programming languages if they can all solve problems?

Of course, if we only needed one program for everything, the result would be a truly ideal world. Whether it’s C++, Java, Python, all programming languages serve the same purpose, but they are all needed for different reasons. In short, what creates the need for different programming languages is that each one has a different functionality. For example, Java is primarily used for Android development, while C++ is used to develop computer games with high-end graphics.

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With so many programming languages out there, it’s impossible to learn them all. So you will need to narrow down your choices a bit. When deciding which programming language to learn, it is important not to get caught up in flashy trends and popularity contests. You should consider some criteria before making the choice. For example, what do you want to develop, will the language stand the test of time, how long will it take you to learn the language, etc.

Programming Language Examples

Why Are There So Many Programming Languages? 1

  • Java: Java is a set of software produced by Sun Microsystems that helps to develop software applications. Java is used from embedded devices to mobile phones, from enterprise servers to supercomputers. It is considered one of the popular programming languages.
  • C ++: C is a more general-purpose code language and C++ is an extension of it. C/C++ has been around for a long time. This means that there are a number of resources available to learn how to code using both. Both are essential programming languages, especially when you want to program for operating systems or file management.
  • Python: For general purpose software. It’s not as fast as other programming languages, but it’s great for website development and data manipulation. The time to create a program in Python is much less compared to other programming languages.
  • HTML / CSS: This is not really a general-purpose programming language, it is more geared towards website development. Languages like Python, which are used to create the backend of websites (the part that interacts with the database), work by sending HTML to the server. HTML provides a structure for the website, while CSS is used to shape and restructure the website.
  • PHP: This is used to add functionality to an HTML program. It allows you to take data and create HTML in useful ways before it is sent to a user’s browser for display. Companies like Facebook use this language extensively.
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