Prior to the midterm elections, the US Postal Service makes an announcement on mail-in ballots

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The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) acknowledged that a division has been established to manage mail-in ballots in upcoming elections

The newly established Election and Government Mail Services, according to Adrienne Marshall, would supervise “election mail strike squads” in local areas to address any issues.

She informed media reporters, “We are totally dedicated to the safe and prompt delivery of the nation’s election mail.

The Biden administration asked for $5 billion a few months ago to fund the USPS’s mail-in voting operations for the following ten years.

The government stated in March that the idea would “expand on the critical public services that the Postal Service delivers to the American people and would also serve to reduce financial stress on local election offices around the country.”

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The White House stated at the time that it also contains plans to “enhance the Postal Service’s capacity to safely and promptly transport and receive mail in underserved regions” as well as “reduce the cost of other election-related mail for jurisdictions and voters.”

During the 2020 election, the USPS said that 99.89 percent of ballots were mailed within seven days and 97.9 percent of voter votes were submitted to election authorities within three days.

This week, the Postal Service will distribute instructions to election authorities in every state and territory. During primary elections, almost 40 million votes have already been mailed to and from voters.

Republicans and former President Donald Trump have claimed that mail-in votes are inaccurate and attract fraud. Following the 2020 election, many lawsuits were brought about the ballots, drop boxes, and associated legislation, and certain GOP-controlled legislatures have subsequently tightened absentee voting regulations.

Mail-in and “absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud,” according to a 2005 report (pdf) by former Democratic President Jimmy Carter and former White House chief of staff James Baker. They also noted that “vote-buying schemes are far more difficult to detect when citizens vote by mail.”

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Years later, however, Carter urged on states to increase mail-in voting because to COVID-19 in a statement made in May 2020, months before the election.

“To address this threat,” the statement said, “The Carter Center urges federal and state governments to expand access to vote-by-mail options and to provide adequate funding as quickly as possible to allow for the additional planning, preparation, equipment, and public messaging that will be required.”

USPS officials said earlier this year that they were looking into two different occurrences in Southern California when mail-in votes had been discovered. In May, a box of votes was purportedly discovered on a Hollywood sidewalk by a lady, while in San Diego, a guy discovered ballots dumped next to an expressway.

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