Taylor Swift, rumored to be engaged, was seen without a ring

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World famous singer Taylor Swift was spotted in London with her lover Joe Alwyn. It was noticed that Swfit, who was caught by the cameras for the first time after the news that they were “engaged for a few months” in the past weeks, was not wearing a ring.

The Sun reported on June 30 that the couple had secretly gotten engaged a few months ago and shared it only with their closest people.

The source, who said that Swift wore her “beautiful” engagement ring only when she was at home when others were not around, used the following statements:

Taylor and Joe are incredibly happy and very much in love. It’s actually been a few months since they got engaged, but they only shared it with their very close circle. Everyone is sworn to secrecy.

The source, who said that only a few people knew the details of the wedding, continued as follows:

They want to live their love as far away from the cameras as possible. They probably won’t involve the press in the wedding. They will not have a ceremony attended by magazines such as Vogue, Rolling Stones, Hello!

Swift and Alwyn, who have been together since 2016, are known for living their relationship in secret. The couple, who avoided talking about their relationship and did not even share photos together on social media, had been rumored to be engaged many times before.

Asked about engagement rumors in an interview with WSJ Magazine in April, Alwyn replied, “The truth is, if the answer was yes, I wouldn’t say it. If it was no, I wouldn’t say it.”

Even if the couple has taken a step towards marriage, it seems that they will not announce it for a while.

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