Chinese researchers develop artificial intelligence that can read minds

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Chinese researchers develop artificial intelligence that can read minds

China worries with new mind-reading artificial intelligence. China will analyze citizens’ thoughts.

Chinese researchers develop artificial intelligence that can read minds

A highly advanced artificial intelligence in China is allegedly able to read the thoughts of its people. The latest report says that the Chinese government has developed an artificial intelligence that can read the minds of its political officials and citizens.

China’s artificial intelligence can understand human thought

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the ruling party of the Asian country, has allegedly resorted to a new technology to track people. Chinese researchers have designed software that can analyze people’s facial expressions and brain waves for “thought and political leanings”.

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The National Science Center, which works under the Chinese state, is working on an artificial intelligence that will improve the government’s ability to control people. This AI, which measures loyalty to the Chinese Communist Party, was discussed in an article that has now been removed from the internet.

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According to the article, China’s new technology would be used to help officials “consolidate their confidence and determination to be grateful to the party, listen to Chinese President Xi Jinping, and follow the party.” But when Chinese citizens reacted, the article was taken down.

Although it is not clear exactly how the artificial intelligence works, it was stated that it uses people’s facial expressions and brain waves. It was also pointed out that the political education of party members could be improved with this software.

On the one hand, AI can assess how party members accept thought and political education. On the other hand, it will provide real data so that thought and political education can be developed and enriched.

But China is not the only source of worrying news about artificial intelligence. Earlier, attention was drawn to the dictionary used by Dall-E 2. According to researcher Aaron Snoswell, the AI has created a secret dictionary for words frequently used in daily life, such as “bird” and “vegetable”. This secret dictionary may soon be the harbinger of a new language that humans will not be able to understand.

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What do you think about mind-reading artificial intelligence, do you think China could be dangerous? Don’t forget to share your opinions with us in the comments!


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