Porsche 911 covered in the world’s darkest black paint!

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Porsche 911 covered in the world's darkest black paint!

The Porsche 911 aroused curiosity with its black coating. The sports car was coated with Musou Black, which absorbs 99 percent of visible light.

Porsche 911 covered in the world's darkest black paint!

Porsche 911, one of the most popular sports cars, was covered with black paint that absorbs 99.4 percent of light. The Porsche 911 covered with Musou Black paint managed to go viral on social media in a short time.

How does the Porsche 911 look with Musou Black?

A Japan-based tuning shop covered the Porsche 911 in the darkest black. Musou Black, which has the ability to absorb 99.4 percent of visible light, made the Porsche 911 almost invisible. This coating, which renders the car’s lines invisible, was previously applied to the BMW X6 Coupé.

Porsche 911 covered in the world's darkest black paint! 1

The new black paint job by a shop called Pit One Customs looks quite confusing. Musou Black, which destroys all the contrast of the car and prevents the design from being seen, is almost 5 percent more successful than standard black acrylic paints.

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In the video uploaded by Pit One Customs, we see that the Porsche 911 was already black before the coating. But this color option, which is not assertive in absorbing light, has been replaced with Musou Black.

The Musou Black coating, which absorbs 99.4 percent of visible light, is also very cheap. This paint, which is sold on online shopping sites at a price of 20 dollars for a 100 ml bottle, can be applied on plastic figures similar to the one in the video. However, it is forbidden for the car to enter traffic with this coating.

In fact, there is a paint that has the ability to absorb even more light than Musou Black. Vantablack’s ability to absorb light can reach up to 99.6 percent. However, Vantablack paint is only available to aerospace and defense industry companies.


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