A new Marvel project accidentally leaked!

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A new Marvel project accidentally leaked!

Radio host Howard Stern leaked information about Marvel’s Doctor Doom movie after his microphone was left open.

A new Marvel project accidentally leaked!

News of Doctor Doom’s inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been in the works for a long time. However, Marvel’s plans to finally introduce Doctor Doom to the cinematic universe were accidentally leaked by US radio host Howard Stern.

Doctor Doom movie could be coming soon

This leak came to light thanks to some listeners of radio broadcaster Howard Stern’s daily radio program on SiriusXM. After recording a segment of his program, Stern began talking to his co-host Robin Quivers about his summer plans.

Underneath the jingle and commercial sounds, listeners caught Stern talking about his favorite character. In the clip shared on Twitter, Robin asks Stern what he’ll be doing over the summer. Stern replies, “I told you, I’m doing Doctor Doom.” One of the other names that comes to mind is Robert Downey Jr.

They’re going over the schedule with me, and it’s gonna suck. I told you, I’m gonna be in Doctor Doom. But believe me, I’m bad at acting, I even called Robert Downey Jr. and got some acting techniques from him.

Marvel has confirmed that a new Fantastic Four movie is in production. Judging by the latest news, there is also a possibility that a new Doctor Doom movie will be announced soon. Previously, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will be released in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Many are wondering if Doctor Doom will star in a Disney+ series or movie to develop the legendary antagonist. However, the Marvel team has yet to announce their plans for Victor von Doom.

A new Marvel project accidentally leaked!

A possible Marvel Doctor Doom movie is currently receiving a lot of interest from fans. So far, Victor don Doom has not appeared in any MCU movie. Especially Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse Madness movie could attract a lot of attention.

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