Nearly 1,500 flights canceled in the US over the weekend

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Nearly 1,500 flights canceled in the US over the weekend

While travel intensity increased in the US due to the celebration of June 19 (Juneteenth) as a federal holiday, on the other hand, the cancellation of flights due to inclement weather and staff shortages caused problems.

Nearly 1,500 flights canceled in the US over the weekend

According to a statement from the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA), this weekend saw the highest number of passengers since the 2021 Thanksgiving holiday.

According to TSA data, nearly 2 million 440 thousand passengers went through security screening at airports on June 17.

“Welcome to Juneteenth holiday weekend travel,” TSA Spokesperson Lisa Farbstein shared on her Twitter account.

On the other hand, canceled and delayed flights created chaos at airports.

According to data from the FlightAware website, which tracks flights, about 1500 flights were canceled on June 17, and nearly 9 thousand flights were postponed.

Cancellations and delays were caused by harsh weather conditions in different parts of the country, as well as staff shortages and infrastructure difficulties in airline companies related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Meanwhile, US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who met with representatives of airline companies, said the government may take sanction measures, including fines, against airlines that do not comply with consumer protection standards.

Speaking to the Associated Press, Buttigieg urged airlines to be vigilant against travel disruptions during the July 4 holiday week, celebrated as Independence Day in the US, and the rest of the summer.


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