China and Russia emphasize cooperation

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China and Russia emphasize cooperation

In a telephone conversation, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed their willingness to continue the development of cooperation.

China and Russia emphasize cooperation

Chinese President Xi Jinping held a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin. During the phone call, the two countries discussed bilateral relations as well as the crisis in Ukraine. Xi said that despite global changes and instability in the world, relations between the two countries continue to develop.

Stating that economic and trade cooperation has made steady progress, Xi said the newly opened Heihe-Blagoveshchensk cross-border road bridge has created a new link between the two countries.

The Chinese side is ready to cooperate with the Russian side to maintain the steady and long-term development of bilateral trade cooperation, Xi said, adding that they are willing to work with Russia to continue to support each other on core concerns as well as core interests related to sovereignty and security.

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Commenting on Ukraine, Xi said that China has always independently assessed the situation based on the historical context and the importance of the issue, stressing that China has always supported world peace and the stability of the global economic order. All parties should take responsibility and insist on a proper resolution of the Ukrainian crisis, Xi said, adding that China will continue to do its part to this end.


Putin congratulated China on its remarkable development achievements under Xi’s strong leadership.

Noting that cooperation between Russia and China has been developing steadily since the beginning of the year, Putin said Russia supports the global security initiative proposed by China and opposes any interference in China’s internal affairs through so-called problems.

Putin noted that Russia is ready to strengthen multilateral cooperation with China for constructive efforts to increase multilateralism in the world and establish a fairer international order.



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