German Foreign Minister Baerbock: Turkey is our indispensable partner

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German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock made the written statement ahead of her visits to Pakistan, Greece and Turkey, which begin today and last until June 10. Baerbock said, “My visit to Turkey makes differences. Turkey, which has different ties with no other country, is our indispensable partner. Millions of hearts beat in Germany for Germany and Turkey. To me, this double heartbeat means double strength.” “During my visit to Turkey, as in every close relationship, we will openly discuss with our Turkish friends the importance of NATO and the strengthening of NATO through the acceptance of Finland and Sweden,” the German politician said. Baerbock also said, “We will discuss many issues such as freedom of expression in Turkey, human rights, fulfillment of obligations as a member of the Council of Europe, especially the mediation of Turkey, which gives hope to people.”


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