NASA explained the Artemis project with simple animations!

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NASA explained the Artemis project with simple animations!

NASA, which continues its work at full speed, explains the “Artemis I” project, which will be launched soon, with simple vide

NASA explained the Artemis project with simple animations!

NASA is preparing for its first manned lunar mission in nearly 50 years. NASA, which is preparing to send astronauts to the Moon within the scope of the Artemis project, has been continuing tests for a while. The space agency, which continues its work at full speed, explains the “Artemis I” mission, which will be launched soon, with simple videos.

NASA wants to send people to the Moon in the near future
Wanting to share the space program with more people, NASA has produced three explanatory videos explaining the “Artemis I” project in simple terms. According to the current plan, “Artemis I” will be launched in the summer with NASA’s new Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and the Orion spacecraft.

“Artemis I” is the first leg of the mission to send a man to the Moon after a long break. Accordingly, “Artemis I” will fly in a certain orbit without a crew. If all goes well, a second test flight will be made with the “Artemis II” mission. By 2025, the first woman and black person is planned to set foot on the Moon with the “Artemis III” mission.

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The first shared animation reveals how the SLS rocket will power the Orion spacecraft at the start of the “Artemis I” mission. Immediately after the launch of the spacecraft, it shows the rocket leaving the spacecraft. Then, the other capsules are separated from the spacecraft and the route Orion will follow is explained in simple language.

The second video deals with the situations that Orion will encounter after approaching the Moon. It is told that Orion, which will enter the gravitational effect of the Moon, will enter the orbit of the satellite with the ignition of its engines and will spend 6 days here. In the process, NASA will collect new data on the lunar surface and the spacecraft’s performance.

After this stage, Orion’s way back to Earth is the way. Orion, whose engines will be re-ignited and removed from the Moon’s orbit, will return to Earth in 5 days. The spacecraft will enter the Earth’s atmosphere at a speed of about 40,000 km / s, and the vehicle will face great pressure. With a specially designed heat shield and parachutes to be launched shortly before landing, the spacecraft is planned to land safely on Earth.

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With these simple animations, we got an idea about the “Artemis I” mission. What do you think about NASA and the Artemis project? You can share your opinions with us in the comments section.


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