Apple has announced that it wants to increase its suppliers!

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Apple had a production problem when the pandemic reached a high level in China, so it announced that it would build a new production facility!

Technology giant Apple began to have some problems with supply after the pandemic increased again in China. Foxconn, which closed due to curfews and lagged behind in production, created the need for a production facility for Apple. Apple has announced that it has wanted to build new facilities for a long time, but has not been able to do so due to the pandemic. In addition, he said he wants to build these facilities in India and Vietnam. Let’s take a look at the news together.

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Apple wants to solve the problem with new production facilities!

Apple already manufactures some of its products in countries like Vietnam and India. But the actual production takes place at the Foxconn and Pegatron plants in China. However, due to the problems it has recently experienced, China is geopolitically risky and the US is in the category of problematic country in terms of trade. That’s why Apple wants to build new production facilities in India and Vietnam. The company will make a slow and gradual transition to the production facilities it will establish as an alternative.

In recent months, some analysts have revealed that Apple could fall behind in producing about 10 million iPhones until it returns to its old order after the closure of Foxconn. Whether the company has suffered any losses due to this problem will be revealed in the coming months. New production facilities are expected to open and start production in a short time to be effective.

Apple production partner Foxconn has already set up a facility to help manufacture iPhones for the domestic market in India. Now, new production facilities will be established for smartphones to be produced for global sales. However, it is not thought that the plant to be built anywhere can replace China in terms of cheap labor and other benefits.

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