The ad from Apple that reveals what social media companies are doing!

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The ad from Apple that reveals what social media companies are doing!

Apple has released a new commercial that emphasizes privacy in terms of App Tracking Transparency and data privacy.

The ad from Apple that reveals what social media companies are doing!

Technology continues to make our lives easier. Especially smartphones, where we store all our information, perform banking transactions and do our research, are probably a must for many of us. However, there is a serious con of this situation; Security of our personal data.

Apple, who is aware of the importance of this situation, has introduced a new feature into our lives with iOS 15. Users who owned the company’s products gained the right to choose which apps could and could not collect their personal information. Finally, the company released its new feature that emphasizes this.

Apple releases new commercial highlighting App Tracking Transparency

Apple’s commercial reveals how companies sell your data. At the same time, how you can stop this is also included in this content. You can watch the advertisement below, which will also be broadcast in Turkey as of this week. It is also worth noting that Google will offer a similar feature to users with Android 13.

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A complex ecosystem of apps, social media companies, data brokers, and ad tech companies on your smartphone collect their personal data by tracking users online and offline.

This data is brought together, shared, and used in real-time auctions, feeding an industry that’s $227 billion a year. This happens every day when people go about their daily lives, often without their knowledge or permission.

With iOS 15.2 and iPadOS 15.2, you can open the App Privacy Report to see details about how often apps access your data, such as your location, camera, microphone, and more. You can also see information about each app’s network activity and website network activity, as well as the web domains that all apps communicate with most often.

The App Privacy Report, along with the Privacy Feed Labels, helps give you a more complete picture of how the apps you use handle your data. Another feature offered by the company is Mail Privacy Protection. So how to activate this feature.

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How to turn on Mail Privacy Protection
Mail Privacy Protection prevents email senders from learning when and how many times you view an email, whether or not you forward it, your IP address, and other data. On a Mac, in the Mail app on your Mac, choose Mail > Preferences, then click Privacy. Select Maintain Mail Activity. On iPhone, go to Privacy Protection in the Mail > > Settings. Turn on Preserve Mail Activity.


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