Journalist wounded by Israeli soldiers: Smurf Abu Akile killed in cold blood

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Qatar-based Aljazeera reporter Ali Samudi, a Palestinian journalist who was with Shirin Abu Akile at the time of his death by Israeli troops in the West Bank, described the details of the incident.

Journalist wounded by Israeli soldiers: Smurf Abu Akile killed in cold blood 1

Samudi, who was wounded in the back when Israeli soldiers opened fire, said at the hospital that they were among seven journalists who went to cover the raid at the Cenin refugee camp in the West Bank.

Samudi stated that they had vests with the words ‘Press-Press’ written on them, and stressed that they knew that they were journalists, that is, that they passed by israeli forces.

“The first bullet targeted me and the second targeted Smurf. There was no Palestinian military resistance at the scene. They killed him in cold blood. They shot at us deliberately, we were not armed, we were not insurgents.”

What’s wrong?

Shirin Abu Akile, a veteran field correspondent for the Aljazeera channel, was killed by Israeli fire as he followed a raid by Israeli troops on the Fetal Refugee Camp in the occupied West Bank early this morning.

The Aljazeera channel said they blamed the Israeli government for the shooting death of its employee, Shirin Abu Akile, by Israeli troops in the occupied West Bank.

“The Israeli occupation forces assassinated our correspondent Shirin Abu Akile in cold blood, in violation of international law and norms, and with a premeditated murder,” the channel said on its social media accounts.

Noting that Veteran journalist Akile was killed by live bullets aimed directly at him while wearing a press vest that clearly showed his identity, the statement said, “We condemn this heinous crime aimed at preventing the press from carrying out its mission and hold the Israeli government responsible for the murder of our colleague.”

Aljazeera’s statement stressed that he would be a follower of the event.

“We call on the international community to condemn and hold accountable the Israeli occupation forces for deliberately targeting and killing Shirin Abu Akile. We are committed to pursuing the perpetrators so that they are held accountable legally, no matter how much they try to cover up their crimes and evade justice.”


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