Google will let you control the ads you see!

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Google will let you control the ads you see!

Google is launching a new advertising service called My Ad Center. The new app will make ad management easier.

Google will let you control the ads you see!

Google also discussed ad management at its latest developer conference. Expressing its desire to provide its users with a personalized advertising experience, the tech giant announced the new My Ad Center experience. So what is Google My Ad Center?

Google changes ad experience with My Ad Center

Google has announced its upcoming “My Ad Center” app. The new service, which allows you to control ads displayed on Google Search, Discover, and YouTube, will enhance the personalized ad experience.

Google said it wants to “make it easier for you to control the ads you see,” adding that it will allow users to quickly change personalized ads. My Ad Center will also have a Customize section divided into three tabs, so targeted ads can be managed.

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You’ll also be able to determine which topic you want to see more in the Customize category. Google, which will offer users-specific ads with cards marked plus and minus, said these personalization options will be accessible directly through advertising.

The new feature aims to prevent targeted ads from being annoying. For example, users searching the internet for a particular car will be able to check their ads by selecting the “hybrid vehicles” category. Another user who finishes selecting a gift will be able to ask to see fewer ads on that topic.


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