Kremlin nuclear weapons exit: If our presence is threatened…

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Kremlin nuclear weapons exit: If our presence is threatened...

Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov responded to claims that ‘Russia will use nuclear weapons in the war in Ukraine’. Peskov said Russia would only use nuclear weapons if its existence was threatened.

Kremlin nuclear weapons exit: If our presence is threatened...

Kremlin spokesman Dmitriy Peskov gave an interview to Christiane Amanpour on Russian operations and agenda in Ukraine on US-based CNN television. The most important question of the interview was whether Russia would use nuclear weapons. Peskov implied that they would not ignore any threat to them.

Listing the reasons for Russia’s military operations in Ukraine, Peskov stated that “the main objective of the operation is the disarmament of Ukraine, the fact that Ukraine is a neutral country, the purification of nationalist groups, the acceptance that Crimea, which joined Russia in 2014, is part of Russia, and the recognition of the Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics as independent countries.”


Asked if the operations were operating in the direction they were targeted from the start, Peskov said, “The special operation is definitely proceeding in accordance with the predetermined plans and tasks. From the very beginning, no one planned that the operations in Ukraine would last for several days. This is a serious operation with serious objectives.” Responding to a repeated question about whether the operations had achieved their goal, Peskov said, “Not yet. We are talking about a special military operation that is still under way.”


Peskov argued that Russia does not have an attack on civilians, but that Ukrainian nationalist groups are using civilians as human shields. Nationalist groups are using the civilian population as human shields. If you don’t shoot at our army, if you don’t try to kill them, no one can touch you. There are Ukrainians cooperating with our military. There are Ukrainians who want to avoid loss of life and are in contact with our military.”

Peskov mentioned that Ukrainian troops were preparing to attack Donbass, according to Russian military intelligence information, before starting their military operations in Ukraine. Within a few days, according to the reports of our military experts, we have determined with certainty that Ukraine intends to launch an attack against Donbass. There were clear signs that an attack was being prepared.”

Peskov said that they wanted to establish dialogue with western countries before deciding to operate in Ukraine, but were not reciprocated by westerners. For decades, we have tried to convey our concerns to the world, Europe and the United States, but no one listened.”


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