Zelenskiy: NATO summit was a weak and confused summit

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Zelenskiy: NATO summit was a weak and confused summit

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy announced the NATO summit, which held an extraordinary meeting to discuss Russia’s special operation in Ukraine.

In a video message, Zelenskiy described the summit as ‘weak’. It was a weak summit, a confused summit. It was a summit that showed that not everyone in Europe sees the struggle for freedom as the primary goal.”

He accused NATO members of “giving The Green Light to start bombing Ukrainian cities and villages” and said the Alliance had done nothing but provide Ukraine with 50 tons of diesel fuel.

Reacting to NATO, which refused to declare a no-fly zone over Ukraine, Zelenskiy said, “All they did today was send 50 tons of diesel fuel for Ukraine. Probably so we can burn the Budapest Memorandum. The people who lost their lives will be dead because of you from today.”

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