Microsoft sanctions Russia: The ropes will break!

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Microsoft sanctions Russia: The ropes will break!

Microsoft’s Russia sanctions cover the media. Rt and Sputnik, which are affiliated with the Russian state, will be cut off, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft sanctions Russia: The ropes will break!

After the invasion of Ukraine, russia was first subjected to economic and subsequent technological sanctions. After YouTube, Facebook and Apple, which moved to limit access to Russian state media, another step came from Microsoft. Here’s Microsoft’s Russia sanctions.

The mobile apps of Russian state-owned media company RT will be removed from the Windows App Store, and ads in Russian state-sponsored media will also be banned, according to the latest statement from Microsoft.

Microsoft sanctions Russia: RT and Sputnik blocked
Global technology firms responded to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, while the European Union decided to remove Russia-controlled RT and Sputnik from their platforms. Microsoft has announced it will block viewing state-sponsored RT and Sputnik content from news platforms, including MSN. The software giant also said it would suspend RT’s news app in the Windows app store.


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