U.S. offers to evacuate, Zelenski refuses: War is here!

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Zelenskiy: Russian sabotage groups enter Kiev

As the third day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine enters, US officials said the country is prepared to help Ukrainian leader Zelenski leave Kiev. Zelenski quickly rejected this offer.

The conflict in the region continues on the third day of the Russian military’s entry into Ukraine on the orders of Russian President Putin. The EU, the United Kingdom, the United States and finally Canada said it had placed Russian leader Putin, Foreign Minister Lavrov and security officials on the sanctions list.

In the latest development, a senior intelligence official told the Associated Press that while Russia has been launching attacks and clashes in Kiev, the United States has called on Zelenski to leave the capital and told him they can help with the evacuation.

Zelenski offered, “The war is here. I don’t need to be taken anywhere, I need anti-tank shells.”


The New York Times quotes current and former defense officials as saying that if Zelenski is removed from the country, Russian leader Vladimir Putin could end the war faster.

Zelenski said he was the ‘number one target’ of the Russian military and his family was the ‘number two target’.

Experts agree that one of Russia’s objectives in the invasion is to overthrow the Zelenski administration and form a government under its control.


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