Zelenskiy: Russia will have to have dialogue with us to stop the war

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Zelenskiy: Russia will have to have dialogue with us to stop the war

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy stressed today that Russia will eventually have to establish dialogue to end the war. He accused Russian forces of targeting civilian settlements.

Zelenskiy said in his statement:

“Sooner or later, Russia will have to have a dialogue with us. He’s going to tell us how to end the conflict and stop this invasion. The sooner the dialogue starts, the less losses occur.”

Noting that the Russian military is targeting civilian settlements in Kiev, Zelenskiy praised the Ukrainians’ ‘heroism’, noting that the troops are doing their best to defend the country. “Tonight reminded us of the Nazi attack on Kiev in 1941,” the Ukrainian President said.

Underlining that russia’s continued aggression against his country is an indication that western sanctions against Moscow are not enough, Zelenskiy stressed that the world continues to monitor what is happening in Ukraine from afar.

The Ukrainian president also shared information that the capital Kiev was bombed by Russian missiles early this morning.

Zelenskiy said he had met with his Polish counterpart, Andrzej Duda, adding that NATO had asked eastern European members for defense assistance and was working to bring Russia to the negotiating table.


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