Facebook has changed the name of its controversial feature!

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Facebook has changed the name of its controversial feature!

Facebook changed the name of the feature called News Feed. More than 15 years later, the company announced its feature, which will now be known as Feed. The name change was announced to users via Facebook’s Twitter account.

Mark Zuckerberg called the company Meta a while ago. This feature came months after that. This was interpreted as a move to change the perception of Facebook’s basic features. A Facebook spokesperson said the new nickname is meant to better reflect the various content people see in their streams.

Facebook renames its News Feed section to Feed

The spokesperson explained that the new name will not change the way the feature works in the app. At this point, the omission of the ‘News’ part appears to be symbolic of the company’s changing priorities, as it looks to a future that focuses on the metadata base rather than the company’s social networking application.


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Facebook’s handling of news stories has long been a challenge for the company. Company executives have argued for years that news is only a small percentage of what people share on the platform. In 2018, the company redirected its feeds to focus on Facebook friends rather than publishers.

Facebook has recently tried to counter perceptions that polarizing content, particularly from far-right personalities, dominates the ‘Flow’. The company has published reports on widely viewed content claiming that political content is not that popular. A superficial name change at this point won’t solve any of the problems.

How did you find the name of the feature called News Feed (News Feed) within Facebook to be changed to Feed? Do not forget to share your ideas with us in the comments section!


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