How to speed up Android phone?

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How to speed up Android phone?

Do you know how to speed up Android phone? We’ve prepared a few tips for you. Here are the details…

If you have been using your smartphone for some time, there are some things you can do to speed it up. However, it is worth noting, first of all, that these tips have no magical effect. Your device’s performance won’t suddenly fly. Still, some Android phone acceleration tactics will help him get back to the day he first took it out of the box.

Free up your storage

As with almost all of them, our first tip is quite simple and effective. The more storage space your smartphone has, the slower the system will be. Android needs space like any operating system to work comfortably. Go to the ‘Settings > Storage’ section of your device and check how much free space is available. If the larger one has occupancy, you can gain space by deleting the applications and information you don’t need.

Change system animation speed

Changing the animation speed of an Android smartphone does not actually speed up the system. However, if there is no animation or its speed increases, it will be a much faster process to open an application or navigate the interface. It is also likely to benefit low-spec devices by placing less load on the system.

Use the Lite version of apps

Google recently introduced a lightweight version called Android Go for phones with limited hardware. At the same time, many brands followed in the company’s footsteps and released Lite versions of apps and games. Android will help you with phone acceleration, as using these versions that take up less storage and RAM will reduce the load on your phone.

Factory reset

Sometimes it does not help to delete unused applications or install the Lite version. Because a lot of things you’ve uploaded before have left a few files behind, and the only way to clean it up is to go back to factory settings. All you have to do is reset your phone from the ‘Settings’ section of your device and in just a few minutes it will be like the first day.

Install custom ROM for Andorid phone acceleration

The most effective method you can do to speed up Android phone is to install a custom ROM. This way, you can keep your phone up to date and not have to carry the weight that the operating system brings. Although this is a challenging process, there are many communities on the internet where you can get support. Nevertheless, it has great potential and is often preferred by users.


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