What Causes Burning in the Vagina?

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What Causes Burning in the Vagina?

The sensation of burning in the vagina is a common complaint in society. There can be a wide range of causes of burning in the vagina, from infection to menopause. Each cause has its own signs and symptoms

Burning in the vagina can develop due to irritation or inflammation in this area. There may be relatively simple causes of burning in the vagina, or the burning sensation can occur on the basis of serious infections. Burning in the vagina is often accompanied by symptoms such as itching in the vagina, burning while urinating, vaginal discharge. Symptoms that appear with burning in the vagina can be a guide to determine the condition that causes burning. The most common causes of burning sensation in the vagina are as follows:


Some substances, objects that come into contact with the skin can cause an ailment called contact dermatitis. This condition occurs on the vaginal skin and can lead to burning sensation in this area. Contact dermatitis that occurs in the vagina is most often related to substances such as soap, shower gel, perfume, lingerie fabric. Symptoms that accompany vaginal burning due to irritation can be listed as follows:

Peeling on the skin,
Stinging in the vagina, feeling ache,
Pain in the vagina,
Severe itching.

The first thing to do for vaginal burning due to irritation to pass is to detect the substance that irritates the vagina and to cut the contact between the skin and this substance. This solution is usually enough for the healing of burning in the vagina. However, in some cases, patients may need medication.


Under normal circumstances, there are a large number of beneficial bacteria in the vagina. These bacteria keep vaginal pH at a certain level, preventing harmful bacteria from forming infections in the vagina. Sometimes this balance in the vagina is disturbed, and harmful bacteria breed in the vagina, leading to the development of infection. This condition is called bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis most often affects women between the ages of 15 and 44.

The sensation of burning in the vagina is one of the most common symptoms of bacterial vaginosis. This disorder can also cause burning sensations when urinating in patients. In addition to these two symptoms, bacterial vaginosist can have the following symptoms:

Vaginal discharge of white or gray color,
Vaginal itching,
The smell in the vagina, especially after intercourse.

Bacterial vaginosis also increases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases in people. Therefore, people who show symptoms of bacterial vaginosis should definitely consult a doctor. Treatment of bacterial vaginosis is carried out with appropriate antibiotic drugs.


Some types of fungi can cause infection in the vagina. The most common of the infectious species are fungi of the genus candida. The infection, called candidiasis, which is caused by this fungus, is quite common in women. The symptoms of candidiasis are as follows:

Burning in the vagina,
Vaginal itching, redness,
Pain during sexual intercourse,
Pain and burning sensation when urinating,
Vaginal discharge of white color.

Candidiasis can develop in any woman. However, women who are pregnant, who use hormonal contraceptive methods, who have diabetes, who have weak immune systems or who have recently used antibiotics, have a higher risk of developing fungal infections. Antifungal drugs are preferred for the treatment of vaginal fungal infection. These drugs can be oral or topical.


Infection may develop in different parts of the urinary tract such as the kidney, bladder (bladder), urethra. One of the most common symptoms of infection in the urinary tract in women is burning in the vagina while urinating. In addition, the following symptoms may occur:

The need to urinate frequently,
Pain when urinating,
Foul-smelling urine,
Turbidity in urine, blood,
Pain in the lower abdomen,
Weakness, fatigue.

Treatment of urinary tract infection is carried out with antibiotic drugs. Usually, 5 days after the onset of drug treatment, the symptoms of infection disappear. If the infection recurs, it may be necessary to re-prescribe the drug.


Trichomoniase is a disease caused by a type of parasite that passes from carrier to healthy person through sexual intercourse. Trichomoniasis is a common sexually transmitted disease in society. Not every person carrying the parasite may experience symptoms of the disease. The most common complaints in people with symptoms are as follows:

Itching, redness, tenderness in the vagina,
Feeling uncomfortable when urinating,
Transparent, white, yellow or green in color; foul-smelling vaginal discharge,
Trichomoniyasis is treated with metronidazole or tinidazole active ingredient drugs.

How Does Vaginal Burning Go?

In order to treat the burning sensation in the vagina, the underlying cause should be investigated. In addition to treatment for the underlying cause, some applications that can be done at home can also help alleviate the burning sensation. The first is to apply cold to the vagina. For this, ice batteries wrapped in a clean cloth or towel can be used. Underwear made of non-narrow, cotton fabric should be preferred to prevent the vagina from becoming irritable. Again, for the cleaning of this area, the use of products that can irritate the vagina, such as scented soap and fragrant toilet paper, should be avoided.

Vaginal burning can occur for many different reasons, from sexually transmitted diseases to contact dermatitis, urinary tract infection to menopause. Detecting the condition that causes vaginal burning is very important both for the protection of the reproductive health of the person and for preventing the spread of infections in society. People who have a burning complaint in the vagina should contact the nearest health care provider and be examined. We wish you a healthy day.

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