Prime Minister Johnson apologises for parties held at Prime Minister’s Office

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Prime Minister Johnson apologises for parties held at Prime Minister's Office

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has apologised for the parties held at the Prime Minister’s Office during the Covid-19 restrictions.

Prime Minister Johnson, who is under pressure to resign, told the BRITISH Parliament following a report on the issue by Sue Gray, deputy assistant secretary of police in London, that “I understand and I will fix it.”

A report on the celebrations, which were held at the Prime Minister’s office in The UK while covid-19 restrictions were in place, found ‘management and leadership errors’.

Prime Minister Johnson is under pressure from the opposition, including lawmakers from his own party, to resign over the celebrations at the prime minister’s office.

Johnson, who ignored calls to resign in his speech Monday, asked that he and his government be trusted.

Instead of resigning, Johnson promised to reform the way the prime minister’s office works.

Opposition: Johnson is shameless, won’t resign

Keir Starmer, leader of the opposition Labour Party, said the British people had made “great sacrifices” during the pandemic.

“The Prime Minister has made a fool of us all,” Starmer said. He showed that he was unfit for office,” he said.

Many Britons ‘think the prime minister should do the right thing and resign’, Starmer said. Because he’s a shameless man,” he told Johnson.


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