The personal information of Domino’s customers in Turkey has been stolen!

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The personal information of Domino's customers in Turkey has been stolen!

Domino’s Turkey announced today that personal information belonging to millions of users has been stolen.

A new one has been added to the increasing number of cyberattacks. According to the information received, Domino’s Turkey had personal information stolen from millions of people. The company released a statement today saying that personal data belonging to users, such as name-surname, contact information and customer number, has fallen into the hands of unidentified individuals. Here are the details…

Domino’s Turkey announces attack
Domino’s Turkey, which sent an e-mail to its users, attracted reactions while informing them. The company announced that the incident took place on January 9, 2022, and announced 18 days later that it had stolen personal data belonging to its customers. Underlining that the financial information is secure, the firm said the attackers were unable to access it. The company’s full statement reads:

Dear Customer, it has been reported that the name, surname, contact information, customer number information of our customers were obtained by the unidentified person or persons who sent the e-mail in an e-mail received to our company on January 9, 2022. As such, although the accuracy of the situation written in the email has not been determined, there is a suspicion that the above-mentioned personal data of some of our customers is the subject of a possible data leak and that it has been unlawfully accessed by third parties.

At this point, we would like to emphasize that our institution; does not hold any credit card data containing financial information and there is no access to financial data. Considering that increasing cyberattacks today threaten many institutions and organizations, we feel the need to make this notification to you within the framework of the principles of transparency and openness.

When you try to log in with your existing Domino’s password, you will receive an error warning, so you can place your order by changing your password. If you use the same password for other websites, we recommend changing your password on those websites, creating a strong character sequence of your new password, being wary of correspondence that requests your personal information or redirects to a website, and not clicking on links from unknown email addresses.

Our company attaches great importance to the security and confidentiality of your personal data. In this context, we provide you with your information that we have taken the necessary technical and administrative measures to ensure data security, carried out our checks and made the necessary notifications to the Personal Data Protection Authority and filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

One of the most important warnings was about password. Dominos Turkey stated that users should change their mobile app passwords and take precautions accordingly if they are using the same password elsewhere. While there are currently no problems due to leaks, the company needs to be ready for possible lawsuits and penalties.

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And what do you think about that? How secure do you think our personal information is? You can share your feedback with us in the comments section.


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