Iranian state TV hacked: ‘Death to Hameney’ slogan chanted

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Iranian state TV hacked: 'Death to Hameney' slogan chanted

Iranian state television was cyber-attacked today by unidentified hackers, with the slogan ‘Death to Hameney’ on television.

A cyberattack on Iranian state TELEVISION has released a video praising the leaders of the People’s Mujahideen Organization (HMÖ), which is considered a terrorist organization in the country.

Channel 1 television affiliated with the Iranian Radio and Television Corporation (IRIB) was interrupted after the end of the midday news bulletin.

Photos of Masoud Recavi, leader of the Iranian opposition People’s Mujahideen Organization, and his wife, Mary Recavi, were displayed, while the slogan ‘Salute to Recavi, death to Hamaney’ was heard in the voice of men.

A photo of Iran’s religious leader, Ali Khamenei, was also shown with a red cross.

Then a passage from an old speech by Massoud Recavi was also broadcast.

“Unknown persons or groups cyberattacked some channels belonging to the Radio and Television Corporation a few minutes ago,” the IRIB said in a statement.

In addition to Channel 1, IRIB’s Quran TV and Peyam and Cevan radio stations were also attacked, the statement said.

Masoud Recavi has not been seen in nearly 20 years and is presumed dead. His wife, Mary Recavi, led the movement.


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