Hybridophilia, The Lure of Criminals

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Hybridophilia, The Lure of Criminals

Love and respect should be the basis of all relationships. Still, some people have a weakness for dangerous people with a criminal tendency. This is known as hybridophilia. In this article, we examine the main factors and variables that can trigger it.

Hybridophilia is sexual attraction to dangerous people. Have you ever heard of how some serial killers and other criminals receive fan mail with sexual or romantic connotations? In some cases, these people form relationships with these criminals and even get married. Read on to learn more about this trend.

From a logical point of view, it is not easy to choose such individuals as potential partners or to feel the desire to relate to them at an intimate level. After all, other indispensable aspects of a mutually respected, trust and loving bond do not seem to exist in such people. What is the reason for this attraction? Let’s try to answer that question.

“He’s sitting there, watching me with his crazy eyes like an unstable seagull inspecting a mussel. I can already feel you pouring hot sauce on me.” Ted Bundy

Hybridophilia, The Lure of Criminals
Serial killer Ted Bundy, who was sentenced to death for nearly 30 murders in the 1970s, received hundreds of love letters in prison.

What is hybridophophilia?

It’s sexual attraction to dangerous people who harm others. John Money, a New Zealand psychologist, coined the term in the 1950s. He also stated that this trend is manifested especially in heterosexual women. Nevertheless, it is possible that it also occurs in other types of relationships and sexual orientations.

Hybridophilia is not listed as an official mental disorder in any of the current diagnostic guidelines. However, since some people like to have sex with a dangerous criminal, we can consider it a kind of paraphile.

It is also possible to find lighter manifestations of this trend. For example, some people feel romantic or sexual attraction towards people who lie, beat and cheat. In short, they are interested in those that have been proven to be potentially dangerous.

Why does hybridophophilia occur?

It can be hard to understand why someone would want to have a relationship with someone who could hurt them. However, there are several possible explanations for hybridophob:

First, due to their ability to protect the female and her offspring, strong mates at the evolutionary level can be preferred. Dangerous people look strong and can rule others. Therefore, genetics may play a role in this.

Secondly, dangerous or criminal males often have a dark triple personality, characterized by characteristics of narcissism, Machiavelism and psychopathy. Research reveals that these men are quite attractive to some women for various reasons.

Childhood experiences and early attachment also affect the choice of sexual and romantic partners. Research shows that women who are abused in childhood are more likely to choose abusive partners.

Finally, society itself and the culture of a person can determine the attractiveness of dangerous males. In other words, traditional gender roles that influence women’s preferences show that women should submit and men should dominate.

According to forensic psychologist Katherine Ramsland, some women believe their love can change bad men.
According to forensic psychologist Katherine Ramsland, some women believe their love can change bad men.

Is there a cure?

Hybridophilia is not a mental disorder in itself, but a paraphilia. In other words, it is an aberration of traditional sexual attractiveness. Therefore, treatment may be necessary if this trend has negative repercussions, for example, choosing dangerous people as mates. In addition, if a person can only be sexually stimulated within these parameters, it may be necessary to solve the problem.

In any case, there is no single and rooted treatment for hybridophobic, although some techniques are effective.

In addition, cognitive techniques can help identify and change thoughts about origin. For example, some people believe that they will manage to change and transform a criminal, and even experience compassion and sympathy that leads to the need for protection. There are those who feel safer with a strong person. Identifying and working on these beliefs can help.

Similarly, some masturbation programming techniques can help weaken the established relationship between dangerous people and sexual pleasure. In any case, individualized intervention based on the specific conditions of each individual will be necessary.


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