The bug that drove Call of Duty: Warzone players crazy!

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The bug that drove Call of Duty: Warzone players crazy!

Call of Duty: Warzone continues to maintain its popularity in the game world. The production, which is observed to increase in the number of players day by day, manages to stay on the agenda with the difficulties experienced from time to time. Players are quite complaining about the recent issue.

The error shared on social media also prompted the makers of Warzone. Raven Software, the team responsible for the game’s updates, stated that the issue is being investigated.

Call of Duty: Warzone is on the agenda with an interesting bug

The problem, which first appeared on Reddit, seems to annoy the players quite a lot. This situation, which is caused by the cosmetics sold in the store, makes the people who use the products almost invisible. The people, who are almost never noticed by their opponents, also damage the competitive environment in the game to some extent. In addition to this, work has been started to solve the problem that is not caused by any cheating.

Another invisible skin? Happened last night, not sure if it’s just on my end or what.
byu/andrewkbmx inCODWarzone

Raven Software, the game’s developer team, stated that the work is ongoing and asked for some patience from the players. Players who are experiencing difficulties due to the cosmetics added to the Wraith operator are also very angry because they have encountered a similar situation before. Because there were criticisms that the Legendary Ghillie Suit, which was included in the Ekolo package last year, was also open to abuse due to a similar problem.

On the other hand, although the Raven Software front states that the work continues, the studio, which is at odds with Activision, is on strike. Therefore, it remains unclear which team is trying to solve the error. Activision has not yet been involved in the developments that bother the players. However, these mistakes are expected to be on the agenda for a while while the strike continues.

Let’s see if the Raven Software team will fix these bugs in the game despite the strike. However, we will wait and see if an extra solution proposal can emerge from the Activision front. It seems that the problem of invisibility, which is the subject of social media, will continue for a while.

So, have you encountered such a problem while playing Call of Duty: Warzone? And again, do you think Raven Software should resolve this despite the strike? Do not forget to share your opinions and predictions with us.


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