TSMC turned the global chip crisis into an opportunity

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TSMC turned the global chip crisis into an opportunity

TSMC turned the global chip crisis into an opportunity

TSMC increased its revenue by 21 percent by turning the problem that emerged during the global chip crisis into an opportunity. Here are the details…

TSMC continues to maintain its leadership in processor production. The company has witnessed record-breaking sales six times in a row. In the quarter ended in December, the company’s revenue increased by 21 percent. This resulted in a grand total of approximately $15.8 billion.

As of December 2021, wait times for chip deliveries reached 25.8 weeks. This marks a 6-day increase from the number in the previous November.

TSMC turned the global chip crisis into an opportunity

TSMC plays an important role in chip production

TSMC is taking on a major player role during the ongoing global chip crisis. In particular, the company had attended White House meetings on semiconductor solutions. This shows how important the role it plays in the industry. At this point, TSMC is not the only company trying to mitigate the effects of the global chip crisis.

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Intel has sought to expand its capabilities throughout 2020 and 2021 to better serve its domestic and international customers. These two companies, in addition to many others, helped pave the way for current predictions that the chip shortage will end by the end of 2022 or 2023.

Consumer tech has been better positioned than the auto industry as companies in the legacy space have maintained relationships with chip makers throughout the pandemic. So in short, you don’t wait as long to get the latest graphics cards as to buy a new car.

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