McKay, director of Don’t Look Up, reveals the film’s alternate ending

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McKay, director of Don’t Look Up, reveals the film’s alternate ending

Adam McKay, director of Don’t Look Up, said the post-credits scene from the Netflix movie is actually almost entirely different.

In the sci-fi comedy, Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio play astronomers who struggle to warn political leaders about an impending comet that will destroy the world.

The end of the film is bleak. In the closing scene, the 6-mile-wide comet hits the planet, destroying much of humanity, except for a handful of rich people who managed to escape on a spaceship.

In the scene, which enters in the middle of the closing credits 22,000 years later, the band arrives on a new planet, but an alien creature called brontaroc soon eats President Orlean (Meryl Streep) alive.

McKay has now revealed that they are shooting another alternate scene featuring billionaires including Peter Isherwell (Mark Rylance) competing with each other.

McKay, director of Don't Look Up, reveals the film's alternate ending

“The original ending was, ‘Oh, let’s start building our houses,'” McKay told Variety.

And then someone was like, “Oh, the capsule carrying all the workers blew up.”

And then Mark Rylance was like, ‘I’m going to give a billion dollars to whoever builds me a house.’ And the person next to him was like, “I’ll give you $2 billion.” And then you realized they were all billionaires.

They even continued, ‘I’ll give you $5 billion!’ $10 billion!’ So we took it out of the movie.

McKay admitted last month that DiCaprio had a “problem” with the scene where Streep was eaten live.

On stage, Streep’s character is naked (but played by a body stuntman). “Streep is fearless,” McKay said. And yes, it’s a body stunt. But you know who had a problem with the scene? Leo’s (DiCaprio). Leo likes Meryl as a member of the cinema’s royal family… Royalty may not be a compliment… But that’s how he sees it as a special name in the history of cinema. Don’t Look Up is currently available to watch on Netflix.



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