What Do Polls and Discredited Politics Tell Us?

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Anketler ve İtibarını Kaybeden Siyaset Bize Ne Anlatıyor?

What Do Polls and Discredited Politics Tell Us?

Politics and the media have lost their credibility in Turkey. Or if this expression is too harsh, let’s soften it a bit and make a political sentence; increasingly losing its credibility. It stands before us as an incontestable judgment that politics and the media have functions other than the social duties expected of them. In the 2019 local elections, it seems to have been accepted by the voters that the local political actors who showed promise to the society were figures who could no longer go beyond mere propaganda. Unless otherwise. Although the media outlets try to show that what we say is the opposite. As a result, the political expectations of the society from both the government and the opposition, and there is little hope for the solution of the problems. We can easily see this situation from the results of the surveys. However, it should be remembered that the 28 February intervention and the ongoing process made the conservative mass, which constitutes the majority of the country’s population, losing their trust in the military and bureaucratic institutions and even questioning their legitimacy. Polls showed that too. In addition, with the winds of globalization, liberalization, opening and democracy in the world, the political institution reached the highest reliability rates in the history of the Republic at the beginning of the 2000s, and the society was waiting for the solution of problems from politics.

So what’s the situation today?

We can see the answer to this question in the newly published surveys.

Metropoll company manager Özer Sencar published a survey on his social media account today. According to the survey, politics and the media are at the bottom when it comes to credibility and trust. Confidence in the military and police is at its peak again. We published an article on this subject in Fikirkadim about what the language of politics and what politicians offer to the society; We had evaluations about what the language of hatred between the government and opposition and the ongoing tension policy were aimed, which we expressed in our article “The Language of Hate in Politics Between Power and Opposition”. And I think those evaluations and the newly published surveys seem to confirm each other. We are at the point where Turkish politics have become shallow again. Regarding this situation, we published an article titled social domination in politics, structural problem in opposition.

We explained that the opposition in Turkey is not trying to be productive in solving problems, but to derail politics with a policy of tension. The simplest examples of this are when the opposition leader stands at the door of the institutions with instant appointments; We can see it in the actions that take place in the form of “give us / you will give us an account”. Okay, these behaviors may be liked by the adolescents and the newly politicized masses who are enthusiastic about politics, but it is certain that a large mass of people will increase the feeling of distrust in politics in circles who know the nature of politics and realize that this is a show. Insecurity will increase; I can’t think of anything that a politician who has spent years in politics wouldn’t notice. I think that this was done deliberately, that politics was deliberately worn out, and that it was preferred to present the deadlock, the blockage, to the society as a way. I am of the opinion that it is a choice to overthrow the government with a lack of politics, not to overthrow it politically.

Politics in Turkey is going in a not good direction. I have been stating this in my articles for months. And I’m trying to remind you that this is a strategy and the opposition is keeping up with this strategy out of greed for power. The stress environment created is an engineering aspect and that this engineering; I observe that behind the “everything will be fine” propaganda, it promises a dead-end and militarist country.

This confirms my observation in the published surveys. In the survey published by the Metropoll company, the rate of trust in institutions is as follows;

Army: 6.7 percent
Police: 6.4 percent
Turkish Grand National Assembly: 5.0 percent
Opinion Research Firms: 5.0 Percent
Presidency: 4.9 percent
Diyanet: 4.6 percent
Supreme Election Board: 4.3 percent
Judiciary and Courts: 4.1 percent
Banks: 4.1 percent
Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK): 4.0 percent
Media: 3.6 percent
Politicians: 3.4 percent
Let me give you the link of Sencar’s post on social media to get the details of the survey. Good reading…


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