Second summit in a month: Ukraine meeting between Biden and Putin

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Second summit in a month: Ukraine meeting between Biden and Putin

Second summit in a month: Ukraine meeting between Biden and Putin

US President Biden and Russian President Putin met for the second time in a month. In the phone call, Biden reiterated his warning to Putin of sanctions in case of invasion of Ukraine. Putin, on the other hand, said that if sanctions are imposed, relations between the two countries could completely break.

Second summit in a month: Ukraine meeting between Biden and PutinThe phone call between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin, where the issues that have caused tension between the two countries, especially Ukraine, were discussed.

It was reported that the phone call, which was held without the press, ended at 16:25 US local time (00:25 CET).

It was noted that during the meeting, which lasted about 50 minutes and brought the two leaders together for the second time in the last month, the tension in Ukraine was mainly discussed.


White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki made a written statement regarding the 50-minute phone call between Biden and Putin on Ukraine.

According to the statement, Biden called on Putin to de-escalate tensions over Ukraine.

Regarding a possible military move by Russia towards Ukraine, the statement said, “President Biden has made it clear that if Russia invades Ukraine further, the United States and its allies will respond decisively.” It was emphasized that they attach importance to the US-Russia security talks that will begin and the dialogue process to be realized between NATO and Russia.

Biden also conveyed to Putin that progress in the talks that will start next month depends on Russia’s de-escalation of tensions in Ukraine.


Kremlin Foreign Policy Advisor Yuriy Ushakov made statements to journalists regarding the phone call between Putin and Biden.

Ushakov stated that the meeting lasted 50 minutes and was “serious.”

Reminding that Russia sent two draft agreements with the USA to NATO, including proposals on various security guarantees, Ushakov said that the said proposals were discussed at the meeting.

“It is important that the American side demonstrates a desire to understand the logic and essence of Russia’s concerns contained in these documents,” Ushakov said. said.

Pointing to the importance of the negotiations between Russia and the USA on this issue, Ushakov said, “Putin emphasized that we need the result in these negotiations and that we will try to achieve results in order to ensure the security of Russia. Biden agreed with this view, he took this seriously on record.”


Noting that the Ukraine issue was also discussed during the meeting, Ushakov said, “Biden very clearly stated that the US does not intend to deploy weapons in Ukraine. Putin also expressed that an important place was allocated to this issue in the documents we sent to the US.”

“Putin stressed that in this difficult situation, we will act as the United States will behave when weapons are deployed on American borders,” Ushakov said.

Yuriy Ushakov noted:

“Biden pointed out that in the event of an increase in tension on the Ukrainian border, Western countries will impose large-scale economic, financial and military sanctions against Russia. However, Putin reacted to this, and that the West decided to apply unprecedented sanctions under certain conditions, He said that it could lead to a complete break with the West and seriously damage relations with the West. Putin stated that this would be a big mistake. This type of mistake has been made a lot in the last 30 years. Therefore, in this case, no further mistakes should be made.”

Ushakov said that during the meeting between Putin and Biden, the issue of nuclear weapons was also discussed. said.

Ushakov said that Biden emphasized that Russia and the United States should play an important role in maintaining peace and security in Europe and elsewhere.

Pointing to the importance of maintaining the dialogue between Russia and the United States, Ushakov said, “Biden confirmed that he will display this position with us in the future on this issue.”

The White House announced the previous day that security talks between the United States and Russia on Ukraine will begin on January 10. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg also announced that he decided to call the NATO-Russia Council to a meeting on January 12.


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