Who and what is Pan Gu?

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Who and what is Pan Gu?

Who and what is Pan Gu?

Pan Gu (also spelled Pangu or Pan-gu; Chinese: 盤古; pinyin: Pángǔ) is the creator of the universe, the first being, according to the prevailing creation myths in Chinese mythology. Xu Zheng (徐整) from the Three Kingdoms (三國) period is the first author to include the myth about Pan Gu. Pan Gu, originating from the Taoist tradition, is often depicted as a bearded man with coarse hair. It often has a charm in descriptions.

Who and what is Pan Gu?There are two myths about the emergence of Pan Gu. One of them is an important creation myth, and it gained strength from various creation myths that were in a dominant position before it and became dominant in Chinese mythology over time. According to the related creation myth, in the beginning there was only chaos. Chaos, which is formless, eventually turns into a cosmic egg. Later, Pan Gu begins to grow inside this cosmic egg, and when it gets big, it breaks apart and comes out of the egg. At this point, the yin-origin part of the egg that it shreds forms the earth, and the yang-origin part forms the sky.

Pan Gu, who is afraid that the two of them will be drawn to each other again, comes between them and prevents them from falling for each other. According to some related myths, four creatures assist Pan Gu in this task: Tortoise, Qilin, Feng Huang (Phoenix), and Dragon. After being in this situation for thousands of years, he came to the conclusion that the earth and the sky were completely separated from each other. According to the belief, from the body of Pan Gu, who died later, the sacred mountains of China, the Moon and the Sun from his eyes, streams and seas from his blood, wind from his breath, thunder from his voice, and people rather than fleas in his body.

The second myth about the emergence of Pan Gu says that Pan Gu emerged from Wu Xing, the Five Elements. After appearing, Pan Gu builds the heavens and earth with the help of a hammer and chisel.



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