Iraq bids farewell to its last combatant US soldiers

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Iraq bids farewell to its last combatant US soldiers

Iraq bids farewell to its last combatant US soldiers

While an armed group named ‘Khyber Fatihi Brigade’ claimed responsibility for the rocket attack on the US Embassy in the Green Zone in the city center of Iraq’s capital Baghdad, Hezbollah Brigades Military Spokesperson Cafer al-Husayni described this attack as ‘cards of a third party’. He said he did it for the purpose of mixing.

In his statement, Huseyni said, “The targeting of the US Embassy in Baghdad aims to shuffle the cards. Suspicious parties orchestrated this action in questionable timing to serve external agendas. The manner of the attack and the attempted bombing of civilians on the grounds of hitting the embassy show that it was the enemy USA that benefited from this attack.”

Iraq bids farewell to its last combatant US soldiersThe Iraqi government continues to implement the provisions of the agreement signed in the 4th round of the Strategic Dialogue with the US, which requires US combat forces to leave Iraq by the end of this month. In this context, the last combat units of the USA left the Ayn al-Asad Base and Military Airport, where they were deployed. A military delegation will oversee the withdrawal of the remaining US forces from Harir Base, located near Erbil Airport in the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) in the coming days. “The purpose of the Erbil visit is to inspect the base to monitor the withdrawal of US combat forces from Harir Base, as per the recent agreement between Baghdad and Washington,” a security source said.

While the armed groups, which are known to be skeptical that the US will withdraw from Iraq at the end of this month, did not take responsibility for the attack in the Green Zone, eyes were turned to the process after the date (31 December) for the completion of the withdrawal. The Sayyidus Shuheda Brigades declared that they would target the Americans at midnight on New Year’s Eve if the withdrawal was not completed. But the real questions to ask are: Will the armed groups, which continue to deny responsibility for the attacks targeting the Americans, take responsibility for these attacks when the attacks on New Year’s Eve resume? Will the attacks be with katyusha missiles or will they have new weapons that will appear later? While Baghdad insists on the withdrawal of all US combat forces, how will the Iraqi government and Iraqi political groups, who cannot come to terms with possible future attacks by armed groups, take a position against such possible attacks?

Iraqi Prime Minister’s Security Advisor Dr. Hussein Allavi told Şarku’l Avsat, “After a long pain, in the light of the Strategic Framework Agreement reached between the Iraqi government and the US government, the current Iraqi government is trying to rebuild the Iraqi State, as the Iraqi-American relations return to their normal course. Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi, in the period before the fall of Mosul in 2014, emphasized the Iraqi-US relations, which progressed on a military route, such as the establishment of an international coalition and providing equipment support to help Iraq’s fight against DAESH terrorist organization, in the fields of military, security, intelligence and energy. In addition to the partnership, it managed to steer it to a multifaceted route such as politics, economy, culture, health, environment and education. The combatant forces had been expected to leave and expire since 2017. But the previous two governments could not get past the international coalition file. Until Kazimi comes. Since the first months of his government formed in 2020, Kazimi has taken on the responsibility of resuming these US-Iraq Strategic Dialogue rounds. These rounds of dialogue have progressed considerably and have created a new process in Iraqi politics regarding the approach to the belligerents. The crux of this process is the final emergence of the combat forces this year and the focus of relations (Iraqi forces) on advice and assistance. Therefore, Iraq-US relations are returning to normal,” he said.

A source providing information to Şarku’l Avsat about the withdrawal of the US combat forces from Iraq said, “The process of ending the mission of the US combat forces has begun. The proceedings are in progress. The last of these was to take over the points and ammunition of the withdrawn forces of the Iraqi security units. An Iraqi committee visited the Ain al-Asad Base and inspected the munitions collection. At the same time, some examples of technical equipment and equipment that the international coalition forces started to deliver to the Iraqi army, the Anti-Terrorism Unit and the Iraqi security forces were examined. Some call the US withdrawal for show, saying that all that has happened is that the names of the combatant powers have been changed to advisory powers. The reality shows the opposite of these predictions. “Because the withdrawal took place at a faster pace than expected, and there are only a few days left to declare the withdrawal complete and the combat missions of these forces over,” he said.


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