President Erdoğan met with African youth

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President Erdoğan met with African youth

Erdoğan met with African youth at the Presidential Library as part of the 3rd Turkey-Africa Partnership Summit.

Expressing his pleasure to come together on the occasion of the summit, Erdoğan emphasized that there are deep relations with the African continent dating back to the 10th century.

“Our African brothers have a special place in our nation’s hearts. Since 2002, when we took office, we have attached special importance to the development of our friendship and cooperation with Africa,” Erdogan said. he said.

President Erdoğan met with African youthReminding that he has visited 30 African countries 50 times in total, including his duty as Prime Minister, Erdoğan said that they have hosted many heads of state and government from across the continent, mostly for the first time, in Turkey.

Explaining that they hosted 38 high-level delegations from Sub-Saharan Africa in Turkey only this year, despite the Kovid-19 outbreak, Erdoğan said:

“Despite the distance between us, we consider African countries to be our close neighbors and permanent friends. We share the same vision and sensitivity with our partners in the continent regarding African issues.

The fact that our languages, races and colors are different is neither a shame nor an advantage for us. On the contrary, all of these are riches, bounties and treats that Allah bestowed upon us, His servants. With this understanding, we carry out all our work in line with a sustainable and fair development goal befitting human dignity. We increase our solidarity with the African peoples without discriminating, marginalizing or excluding anyone.

We build our economic relations on a win-win understanding on the basis of equal partnership. Turkish companies undertake more than 1150 projects with a total value exceeding approximately 70 billion dollars throughout Africa. The value of our continent-wide investments exceeds $6 billion. Tens of thousands of our African brothers are employed in these companies. As a nation that believes in the blessings of winning together, I hope we will continue to advance our relations along this axis.”

“More than 14 thousand African brothers benefited from Turkey scholarships”
Pointing out that the main aim is to leave a fairer, more peaceful and more prosperous world to the youth while doing all these, President Erdoğan said, “Because you are the future and hope of both us and the countries you come from. And we know that we need young people with conscience.” said.

Stating that they have implemented many projects both in Turkey and abroad for this purpose, Erdoğan said that they have reorganized the scholarships given by different institutions in different statuses under the name of “Turkey Scholarships” since 2012.

Erdoğan stated that with this project, which achieved great success in a short time, they extended the works that were limited to 5-6 countries in the past, to more than 180 countries today.

Stating that there are more than 70,000 graduates who have graduated thanks to the scholarships given by Turkey and who serve their country as politicians, businessmen, academics and bureaucrats today, Erdoğan said, “More than 14 thousand African brothers have benefited from Turkey scholarships. I am really proud of their achievements. In addition to Turkey scholarships, our Turkish Maarif Foundation successfully continues its educational services to contribute to the future of Africa.” shared his knowledge.

Erdogan said:

“TIKA and our Yunus Emre Institute also carry out successful projects in their own fields. We accept you, our young people, who are educated in Turkey with scholarships and with their own means, as the voluntary envoys of our nation. Whatever we feel about the future of our own children, just as we tremble for them, rest assured that you too. we share the same feelings.

I especially ask you to accept Turkey as your second homeland. When you return to your countries, I hope each of you will represent us as honorary representatives of Turkey and the Turkish nation. We will continue to help you with our relevant institutions both during your education here and after your graduation. I say God be your helper and helper.”

Expressing his happiness to be with African youth again, Erdoğan left the word to the youth.

“Unfortunately, they condemn the rich Africans to poverty for years”
Another young person said, “My question is about the book you wrote, so first of all, thank you for your pen. As you wrote on page 88 of your book, we want to be the representative of compassion and the voice of conscience in a time that has lost its compassion. However, as we know the working principle of this system, that is, the international system, “We know that it is very difficult, even very dangerous. Therefore, President, what do we need to do to be successful in such a system? What are your recommendations as a world leader? What do you suggest we do when we return to our country after completing my education in Turkey?” On the question, Erdogan said:

“First of all, you asked a truly global question. The most important issue we need to focus on in this global question is that when you return to your countries, I would like you to take up politics there, right? You will set something as a target from the moment you take up politics. Is the current world fair? No There is oppression in the world right now. Especially in Africa, where the oppression is most intense. Africa is not poor, Africa is rich, but I will tell you openly, all the underground riches, you see, they come from European countries and they take all the phosphorus, gold and all the jewels from there and return to their own countries. No, they don’t leave anything to you and unfortunately they condemn the rich African to poverty for years.

This means that they robbed these people in this way and turned them into onions, and after that they reign in the world. So, who’s going to translate it now? You will translate. You will return, and after you return you will say, ‘We have studied and come to account for the years, and now we will ask this account’, you have to say, this is your right. They robbed your assets. I say the world is bigger than five, we have to deal with it together.”

Reminding that there are 5 permanent and 15 temporary members of the United Nations, Erdoğan said, “Well, what do these 5 permanent members say? Does it happen? It happens. It’s between your two lips. Well, do those 15 temporary members have any effect there? No. They are deceiving them too, but I say that after all my young brothers here return to their countries, they must fight for this, saying, ‘We are no longer temporary members, we must be permanent members.’ If you don’t, they will come to African countries and rob them. What they say, whether these 5 permanent members accept or not, let’s do our part, they don’t.” said.

President Erdoğan emphasized that Africa will work in the same way and that they will carry the Turkey-Africa cooperation and solidarity until victory, hopefully.

Menel Türki Eker, who studied computer engineering at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University, stated that he is Tunisian and has lived in Turkey for about 4 years.

Saying that his surname is “Turki” because they are of Turkish origin, Turki Eker said, “My grandparents came from Turkey during the Ottoman period and settled in Tunisia. They have always told us this since my childhood and I grew up as a lover of Turkey.” said.

Türki Eker stated that they have been watching the videos of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with Arabic subtitles since 2013 and said:

“I was very impressed by your sincerity and your speeches. That’s why I decided to learn Turkish with the dream of maybe I’ll see you one day. I started to learn Turkish at home by myself. After that, I wanted to take Turkish as an elective course at the university, but the teachers said, ‘We cannot open a class because there are not enough students.’ He said. At the same time, we established a Turkish Club with 6 friends to promote Turkish and Turkey. Today, there are approximately 2,000 students learning Turkish in Tunisia.”

These words received applause from President Erdogan and those in the hall.


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