Is there a plan to spread ‘homosexuality’?

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Is there a plan to spread 'homosexuality'?

Is there a plan to spread ‘homosexuality’?

With the sport of football gaining extreme popularity around the world, a new profession known as the ‘soccer analyst’ has emerged. Football analyst is the name given to a person who practices or researches this sport sufficiently to analyze the course of the matches, dig deep into the matches, discover the game plans and then present them in a simplified way to the football and its rivalries-loving audiences.

Is there a plan to spread 'homosexuality'?Of course, this football analyst doesn’t need to attend the coach’s lecture before the game to understand the nature of the game plan and identify the roles the players play in implementing it. Because the analyst, after examining the real movements of the players on the football field, makes up for this deficit by drawing out the implemented plan and then explains this plan to the audience.

If we take this formula and apply it to the media field, a researcher can discern plans that particular media outlets are trying to implement in the field. In this case, the field we are talking about is nothing but the field of collective consciousness. Here, what we all know about the obvious role of the media in shaping public opinion is reinforced, the attitudes of the audience towards symbols and events are influenced, and a collective mind is formed that will later be reflected in practice and behavior.

From this point of view, a logical examination of the framework of events presented by international media outlets broadcasting in Arabic and new Arab media platforms, which say that they are pursuing an independent professional practice with funding from Western-based organizations, will clearly show us that there are feverish attempts to spread ‘homosexuality’ in Arab society.

Some research and thought centers specialized in the field of media should try to test this hypothesis by scientifically examining a representative sample of these institutions in an organized manner. It is then that this regular observation will provide us with sufficient indications to accuse some of these Western-based media outlets that benefit from government or civil society funds of trying to promote ‘homosexuality’ through all sorts of advocacy methods that take a continuity approach.

We are aware that the media plays an influential role in shaping public opinion in various events. The media does this in four main processes; the first is the process of framing events, the second is the process of laying the groundwork for priorities, the third is the process of forming mental images, and the fourth is the process of framing.

In the process of shaping the framework of events, the media highlight certain issues and cover them up, regardless of how important they are in the public’s priority order. In this context, we will see that there is an attitude of focus that can be defined as the over-serving of ‘homosexuality’ events by these media outlets, with their presence, influence and importance among the priorities of Arab societies.

Expert researchers think that “there is a positive correlation between what the media says in their messages and insists on highlighting, and what the public considers important.” At this point, one of the most important aspects of the effect of the mass media lies in its power to determine the agenda of the public regarding the events and issues that are brought forward.

Therefore, no one can deny that there are strong correlations between exposure to the media on the one hand and the public’s inclination towards certain issues and the degree of comprehension of them, on the other.

While the images of ‘homosexuality’ and ‘homosexuals’ are presented in the media content of many of these media tools, the presentation framework tends to be blatantly affirmative on the one hand, and on the other hand, the problems of ‘homosexuals’ are ‘persecuted’ or ‘not able to enjoy their human rights’ in Arab societies.

According to the theory of ‘media framework analysis’, an idea like ‘homosexuality’ may not, on its own, make any particular sense to an ordinary audience. On the contrary, it makes sense when it is placed in a framework that defines, organizes and adds some harmony to this idea, ‘focusing on some aspects of the subject and ignoring the rest’. This organizes the media’s efforts to serve the idea of ​​’homosexuality’ as a ‘human right’ and to portray those who reject it as ‘big and disrespectful to human rights’.

It cannot be denied that there is discrimination against ‘homosexuals’ in the East and the West. We can understand that there are some tendencies in the West to take part in ‘protecting homosexuals from persecution’ and keeping them off the target. However, what is difficult to understand is the transformation of this support, advocacy and protection campaigns into ‘homosexuality’ propaganda and marketing with content targeting the Arab audience.

Much of the content provided by international Arabic-language media and new Western-funded Arab platforms is biasedly serving the idea of ‘homosexuality’ with the aim of spreading it. This is a parable that we must observe, analyze and then ask ‘why’


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